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Food Reading:

  • The “Farm and Food Workers Relief” fund could help people who work on farms and in meat packing plants and grocery stores, giving them up to $600 in pandemic relief. But the money doesn’t go to individuals. It goes to agencies (government and non-profit) who win grant money, and then those agencies are in charge of doling out checks to people who apply for them. It seems as though it’s going to be hard for people to access the money, as it has to go to “expenses related to quarantine.” How can someone prove that, especially if they weren’t laid off? This program seems purposefully onerous.

  • I wonder if this is the only group of its kind in the US: 13 Chicago bakers meet monthly to compare recipes, prices, and systems. Their vendors don’t like it! It sounds lovely.

  • Arguments for and against the “ethnic” aisle in grocery stores. Both sides make good points. (Though it is enraging that a small cassava flour maker couldn’t get her product in the baking aisle, but when corporations began making the same thing, they got immediate pride of place.)

  • I’m a huge tiki lover and I accept that it has problematic elements. I’m not sure that the famous (among lushes) Lost Lake bar changing its self-description from “tiki” to “tropical” will make much difference. Does the average bar-goer know the difference?

  • The job of delivering food on electric bikes is, as it turns out, wildly unsafe. And of course doesn’t pay well. Tip generously, friends!

Ice Cream Floats with Kristen Miglore

When two food editors get to talking …

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